10 Potato Salad Recipes for Even the Choosy Eaters

Potato Salad is a staple of summer cookouts, backyard barbeques, and other social gatherings, especially in the South. Truth be told, there are many versions of Potato Salad around the world. Cooks add all kinds of veggies and herbs to potato salad in the hopes of creating a unique taste. Some top the Potato Salad with sour cream; others wouldn’t make Potato Salad without the perfect amount of mayo and mustard.

To understand why Potato Salad is so important, one must first understand the origins of Potato Salad. Potato Salad is a dish that has origins running back to the time of the Spanish explorers of the 16th century; however, the Potato Salad recipe that we know of today is based on a German tradition and probably came to America prior to the American Revolution.

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