The Best Podcasts About Politics and Why You Should Be Listening to Them

Politics has always been a hot topic in our society and something that people are passionate about. Oftentimes, those passions get overheated and what was once a civil discussion can often flame into a shouting match. But in the end, the great thing about political discourse (when done in a respectful manner) is that it allows everyone to present an opinion or an ideal and find different points of view. When a political discussion is at its best, the most stoic minds can sometimes change and those points of view can evolve.

There is just something about learning about the inner workings of government and discussing the latest news that fuels that inner fire and keeps people coming back for more. These days, information can be read, watched, live Tweeted, and streamed on demand, and one of the best ways to stay informed is with podcasts about politics—and there are no shortage of great political podcasts out there.

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