Tips for Flying with Kids and Keeping Your Sanity

Flying can be stressful for anyone. It’s one of the most stressful activities that we humans can put ourselves through next to moving and cooking Thanksgiving turkey. If you’re a parent with kids anywhere under the age of reason, then you know how difficult flying with kids can be. Now, when I say “age of reason,” that can potentially trigger some debate because let’s face it, some humans never quite grow up. But for the purpose of this travel tips experiment, we’ll define kids as 12 and under.

Whether you’re flying with a newborn, traveling with a toddler on a plane, or hauling your 10-year-old triplets across the country, flying with kids can be a fairly serious pull-your-own-hair-out-from-the-roots stressful sort of situation. It’s not easy. Not for parents and especially not for single parents.

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