Free Batgirl: Why Warner Brothers Should Release Batgirl from Studio Prison and Stream Her for Free

Fans of DC Comics undoubtedly heard that the “Batman” franchise’s “Batgirl” spinoff was euthanized by Warner Brothers executives in early August. To some Batman purists, this was welcome news. But to many fans of the comic book series, this came as a shocking disappointment. Not only did Warner Brothers yank the “Batgirl” film from its cinematic release schedule, but the announcement came with the additional by-the-way news that it will not even be streamed on HBO Max, which had many scratching their heads.

So why can’t you see “Batgirl” in the theaters or even stream “Batgirl” on HBO Max? There is a lot to unpack here, so strap on your cape and cowl, and let’s fire up the bat signal.

Who Is Batgirl and Why Should I Care About Her

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