A Biblical Example of Tough Love


Not everyone is a fan of the idea of “tough love.” Some usually have a problem with it when it gets directed toward young children. There is a famous Bible story with this idea being a vital part of the story, commonly called “The Prodigal Son.” Most preachers have a message to preach from this story, and I have heard several different preachers say, “Turn in your Bible please, to Luke 15, we will start reading with verse 11.” This is an essential lesson for dealing with adult children.

The Position Of Humbleness
The Prodigal son pretty much wished his father had died when he asked for, “The portion of goods that falleth to me.” (His inheritance) He was behaving self-centered, careless, and far from humble.
He went into the far country and eventually spent all of his money. There was a famine in the land, so he joined himself to a man who gave him some pig slop and sent him into a field to feed the pigs. While he was with the pigs and the husks that they would not eat, the Bible says he “came to his mind.”
Up until that moment, he was not thinking about the father. If he was not left to go through the lowest point in his life, he might have never thought about his father. If some sweet church lady had seen him and kindly told him to come with her to get cleaned up, fed, and put in a comfortable bed, he might not have ever gotten to the point where he could come to his mind and think of his father. He needed that experience to change his thinking and behavior.

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