All About The Summer I Turned Pretty, Summer’s Hit Teen Show

Jenny Han's New Series Makes a Splash on Amazon Prime

Jenny Han, known for the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before book series and movies, moves on from Laura Jean’s world to the more mature The Summer I Turned Pretty series. Just like the other series, this page-to-screen adaption is based on three books. They follow Isabel “Belly” Conklin from the summer she turns 16 to when she becomes a young adult. Raised by her mother, Laurel, she lives with her brother. Steven, in suburban Philly.

The real magic in Belly’s life comes each summer, when the three of them travel to Cousins Beach in Massachusetts to spend a few months with Laurel’s friend, the wealthy Susannah Fisher, and her sons, Jeremiah and Conrad. They stay at a summer house and get a taste of another lifestyle. Belly used to just be the little sister, but, as her 16th birthday approaches, she changes. Jeremiah and Conrad do not see her in the same way anymore. She would rather go to parties than stay in with the moms. She ditches her glasses and baggy clothes.

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