Hilarious World Of Depression: A Quirky and Informative Podcast


Clinical depression is discussed with entertainers and comedians

John Moe is the host of this podcast and has been involved in other media to raise awareness and discuss depression in a lighthearted manner. The Hilarious World of Depression Podcast is a gem that takes you on a journey through many stories of people going through clinical depression. Many entertainers are featured here with an emphasis on comedians to make you laugh. They have a knack for making severe issues more comfortable and relatable.

Comedians have been more likely to experience depression statistically, but the peculiar thing is you would never know they had emotional baggage. You can quickly get inside their heads and enjoy some engaging conversations about feeling down. It’s a chemical imbalance that occurs in millions worldwide, and you don’t have to be depressed to benefit from these episodes. Chances are, you are acquainted with someone who experienceds the illness, and this podcast will help you understand better.

Helps to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness by exploring it

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