The Best Autumn Podcasts to Cozy Up To Right Now

One of the things we love most about autumn is the cooler weather. It’s so refreshing to walk outside and feel a breeze on my skin after spending the summer sweating in the heat. The changing leaves are also a beautiful sight, and we love taking walks around the neighborhood to admire all of the different colors that represent the changing season. Autumn is also a time for pumpkin-flavored everything and getting cozy by the fire with a warm drink and a good book. We love the season of autumn because of the perfect mix of cooler weather, beautiful scenery, and cozy activities.

There are also a number of holidays that arrive in autumn that are among the most celebrated of the year. The beginning of October marks the start of Spooky Season and leads all the way up to Halloween on October 31. In November, we honor and celebrate all veterans that served their country so proudly. And on the fourth Thursday of the month of November, we celebrate Thanksgiving, which is a time for friends and family to gather, prepare an abundance of food (and pies!), and show gratitude for everything in our lives.

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