Spiritual Love with Venus Conjunct Neptune in Pisces


On April 27th, 2022 the planet of love, beauty, and relationships, Venus meets up with the transiting Neptune in the sympathetic, compassionate, dreamy sign of Pisces. Expect this astrological meetup to create a desire for spiritual connectivity when it comes to relationships and tons of generosity in financial affairs. Venus and Neptune in Pisces will heighten our imaginations, increase our empath and intuition, and make us more dreamy and romantic.

Plus, Venus functions at its best in the sign of Pisces, so we all have the capacity to experience the power of unconditional love. However, there is always more than one expression of astrological energy, so there are some precautions associated with the Venus/Neptune conjunction due to the heightened Neptune influence. Continue to read on to find out more about how Venus and Neptune getting together in the sign of Pisces will impact you.

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