The Comical Misconceptions About April Fool’s Day

The Origins of April Fool's Day

The belief is April’s Fools Day started on April 1st in 1700. This was when English jokesters initiated the first practical jokes. Although nobody knows exactly where the idea began, numerous cultures have been playing jokes on this day for centuries. Some people believe April’s Fools Day did not start until 1582. This was was France started using the Gregorian calendar as opposed to the Julian calendar.

The people unaware the calendar had been changed were celebrating the New Year on April 1st. Pranks and hoaxes were then played on these people for the laughter of others. Another theory relates to the 1392 Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. The Nun’s Priest Tale takes place on March 32nd. Some historians believe the tale referred to April 1st. The story was about making people feel foolish.

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