True Taste of Spain: 5 Authentic Recipes Your Family Will Love

Spain is a nation that is rich in geography, culture and tradition. Made up of 17 regions that are autonomous, the country has mountains, beaches, UNESCO World Heritage sites and many sights to see. Have you ever wanted to go to Spain, but never got the chance? Or have you been and cannot stop thinking about it? No matter what the reason, check out these recipes to make authentic Spanish food right from home.

Recipe 1: Easy Paella

Paella is the most popular dish in Spain. This authentic recipe uses rice, saffron, vegetables, chicken, shrimp, mussels and calamari rings. Use a paella pan or a skillet to make things easier. Serve it up in wide-rimmed bowls with a ladle, and dig in! If you are not a huge seafood fan, this recipe also works with turkey, rabbit and chorizo or as a vegetarian dish.

Recipe 2: Easy Traditional Red Sangria

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