A Friendly Marriage with Juno in Aquarius


On February 1, 2022, Juno the asteroid of commitment and marriage is moves into the cerebral, unique side of Aquarius. This shifts our attention to seeking long-term relationships that offer freedom, innovation, progressiveness, and a bit of the weird and rebellious. The transit of Juno in Aquarius will last until April 20th, 2022 when it will then move into Pisces. Continue to read on to find out how the transit of Juno in Aquarius will impact your perception of long-term relationships and the concept of the “ideal partner.”

The Story of Juno
In order to understand the significance of a Juno asteroid transit, it is important to know who Juno is and what her archetype represents. Juno was the Roman goddess and wife of the king of gods, Jupiter. Juno is considered to be one of the most faithful and ideal archetypes in relationships because she stood by Jupiter despite his philandering and cheating ways. The energy of Juno is complex because although she is“ideal” it is only because she tolerated what some would consider poor behavior from her husband. On her own, Juno is the patroness and protector of Rome.

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