What Does Mercury Going Retrograde In Aquarius Mean For Your Zodiac Sign?


As of January 30th and until February 21st–with a typical shadow or residual period of at least a week prior and after–the planet Mercury will be going retrograde in the sign of Aquarius. Whenever the fast-moving planet of Mercury hits reverse, communications can go haywire, gadgets can fizzle, and travel plans can fall apart before you’ve even left the house. The wrong messages get sent to the wrong people, and emotions are significantly heightened due to testy misunderstandings.

With Mercury going retrograde in the philosophical and future-oriented sign of Aquarius, we can all expect our best-laid plans to undergo a few alterations. It’s important for all of the zodiac signs to remain fluid in their objectives and conscientious in their actions during this phase, but how can your sun sign specifically weather the first retrograde of 2021?

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