The Link Between Astrology and Tarot

Both tarot and astrology have become quite popular over the last decade as more people seek to understand themselves in deeper ways. Astrology is the science that studies the energetic interplay between planets and its impact on man. Tarot is an ancient divination system that uses symbolism to relay messages. Tarot is largely energy based and its interpretations can vary based on the practitioner. Today, some people are using both of these energetic systems to understand themselves at deeper levels. Astrology and tarot are where planetary energies and inner guidance, wisdom, and divination meet.

The Connection Between Astrology & Tarot

While astrology and tarot may appear to be separate entities, there are various connections that make these systems interconnected. The tarot consists of several cards within the major and minor arcana that are aligned with specific zodiac energies. For ease and simplicity, we will focus on the Major Arcana cards and their astrological equivalents. The following is an overview of the tarot and astrology links via cards and signs.

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