10 Fun Family Friendly New Year’s Eve Ideas


1. Chop ‘til you drop
Balloon drops don’t require ballrooms, Mom, and Dad. A sheet, strips of Velcro and a willingness to get on a ladder will do the job and if you leave the balloon blowing to the kids, everyone gets in on the fun. While your drop is set up, chop ingredients for a DIY taco bar that gives each family member a choice of ingredients. Yes, it’s okay if one kid fills a single shell with M&Ms from the topping treats you’ve put out for a grand ice cream bar finale.

2. Photo bombing blitz
Hold a contest to see which family member pops up most often in photos when holiday snaps are taken. Proof of bombing requires a neutral judge not influenced by bribery or candy kickbacks and the winner receives an appropriate prize: A digital photo album of the offender. No fair promising not to show these gems down the road at wedding and engagement parties.

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