Two Child Care Tax Credits May Be in the Cards By February

When looking back on American politics for the year 2021, historians will likely have much to think about. The aftermath of the 2020 election continues to have a massive impact on the lives of many Americans and the lawmakers who speak for them in the public square. This has been a year in flux in so many ways. Both the Democrats and the Republicans have had many arguments about public policy and how best to implement it. They’ve also had party battles that have been quite fiercely fought across many arenas. Not all Democrats are on board with many of the party’s most cherished initiatives. The same is true of many Republican party officials right now.

Parental Confusion

Of all the many issues that have created arguments across the aisles, questions related to issues revolving around child care have been some of the most contentious. Parents and child advocacy groups have spoken up loudly in favor of efforts to help parents raise their kids with help from the government.

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