The Best Aromatics According to Your Astro Sign

Have you ever stood near someone and thought wow they really smell good? There’s just something about a fragrance that is well-suited for an individual. So many of us are searching for that fragrance that mixes with our personal body chemistry just right. If you’ve been searching for your signature scent, the following are some suggestions for scents based on your personal astrology. When considering what would smell good on you, think about not only your sun sign but also your moon, rising as well as your Venus sign. This will give you a more comprehensive idea of which scents you may be more attracted to as well as scents that could possibly work the best with your body chemistry.

The Earth Signs-Earthy & Grounded

Earth signs do well with scents that are reminiscent of nature. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are the grounded energies that seek which is simplistic, understandable, and real. They are often rejuvenated when in nature among the grass, and especially near streams and deeply rooted trees. These are also the signs that are more likely to enjoy scents that are reminiscent of food…this is especially the case for Taurus.

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