The Importance of the South Node


In all of us, there is this need to associate with people, places, and things that are familiar to us. However, there comes a time when the familiar no longer offers us anything. There are circumstances where we feel like old people, places, and circumstances are holding us back. Nevertheless, it is still just so hard to leave these things behind because they feel so comfortable. This is the experience of the South Node. The South Node is just one part of the moon’s nodes that are the path to spiritual evolution. While many are familiar with the shuffle that comes with the North Node and moving towards soul evolution and growth, the South Node is something that is often just passed over because it is so familiar. The following is an overview of the South Node and tips on how to optimize this energy.

The Nodal Axis
In astrology, the nodal axis is one of the most important points of astrological growth. This axis includes both the North and South Node points that represent where we have come from and where we are going. Unlike the planetary bodies, the North and South nodes are actually points in space. The North Node is the point that pushes us towards our soul growth and evolution. While this may be where the soul wants to go in order to feel integrated, it is not always the most comfortable path to take. The North Node also represents people and circumstances that will help us evolve. These people usually push us beyond our existing boundaries and habits so that we can achieve the soul growth that we are here to accomplish.

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