The Pathway to Balance with Libra

Represented by the scales, Libra season is a time for seeking harmony and balance. With the autumn equinox starting off Libra season, there is significant importance related to the balance of light and dark as the equinox The totality of Libra season is centered around obtaining equilibrium within ourselves as well as with other people. While many may think that Libra is a natural at achieving balance, the sun sign placement generally represents what we are working towards in this lifetime. Libra energy is constantly making adjustments so that it can achieve equilibrium, harmony, and balance desired. Due to cardinal energy, Libra is willing to make adjustments and changes to ensure that the peace and harmony it desires is ultimately achieved. Continue to read on to find out more about Libra’s pursuit of balance.

Libra’s Pursuit of Harmony

What is harmony and how exactly is it achieved? This is a question that Libra is constantly navigating in its experience. As an air sign, Libra is well-attuned to the energies within its surroundings. Harmony is a state that is achieved by being in equilibrium with the self. Ultimately, the equilibrium within the self is reflected in the outer environment. Pursuing harmony does require the willingness to see one’s environment for what it is in order for the necessary changes to be implemented. Thus, there are times when Libra notices the details so that it can actually take cardinal action to make the necessary changes for balance and harmony.

The Constant Balancing of the Scales

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