Boomer, Gen-X, Millennial, Gen-Z, or Gen-A? Astrology Has the Answer

Do you know to which generation you belong? For some, it’s pretty clear-cut. However, for others, there’s much to debate. This is especially a common issue amongst millennials particularly the older ones because there appear to be several start dates for the millennial generation. Luckily, astrology offers a solution to the generational placement debates by linking the planet Pluto with specific generational groups. Read on to find out which generation you were born under according to Pluto’s placement in astrology.

The Boomers-Pluto in Leo (1939–1957)

By now, we have all heard of “The Boomers.” These individuals were born with Pluto in Leo. The younger generations, particularly the millennials, appear to have an issue with Pluto in Leo humans because of their supposed arrogance, self-centeredness, and need to affirm their significance in the history of existence. Well, being born with Pluto in Leo does color Pluto in Leo individuals with both negative and positive traits of Leo. These are the individuals who are very aware of their talents and skills, and they are not shy about sharing all that they have done and created to make this collective experience what it is. People born under this generation have a fiery passion that helps them get things done, but with the influence of Leo, they may see themselves as the end all be all which can result in the shortsightedness that the millennials accuse “The Boomers” of possessing.

The Hippy/Free Love Generation-Pluto in Virgo (1957–1972)

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