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Delicious Grab and Go Options Using Crescent Rolls

You should always keep a couple of rolls of crescent rolls in your refrigerator as they are the perfect bread to go with many meals. You can also easily add ingredients to them to get supper on the table fast. When you need to bring a dish to a potluck or a party, you can easily make great looking-and-tasting options in a matter of minutes with them.

Tex-Mex Breakfast Braid

If you are not a morning person, but you realize the importance of eating breakfast, Tex-Mex Breakfast Braid will become your new favorite food. You can make these the day ahead, so you do not have to fuss with them in the morning. Consider using the delicious filling in individual crescent rolls for a delightful on-the-go option.

Spicy Breakfast Bar

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