Reconciling Force & Authority with Mars in Leo Opposite Saturn in Aquarius

On July 1, 2021, the planet of war, Mars, will sit opposite of the taskmaster, Saturn, presenting us with the struggles that come with wanting to take action but finding that we are limited in some way. Whenever Mars is put under pressure, there is this undeniable tension that is felt pervasively. Mars wants to take action, but with tense pressure from Saturn, the planet of limitations we are met with trying to reconcile our desire to move forward with obvious roadblocks.

These limitations are likely to make most of us quite frustrated, and we are likely to lash out in anger…if we don’t choose to channel these energies consciously. While it is easy to get angry under the Mars opposite Saturn energies, Saturn usually limits us for a reason. We are asked to consider seriously how we intend to move forward before taking action and to adopt patience while we develop an accountable, responsible method for taking action. Continue to read on to find out how to navigate this tense, uncomfortable energy.

General Overview of Mars in Opposition to Saturn

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