The Wrath of the Scorpio Stinger

Scorpio is one of the most infamous signs of the zodiac. The scorpion, while small, strikes fear in the hearts of many because of its stinger. The sting of a scorpion can be quite painful, and in the worse cases deadly if anti-venom is not received. For this reason, many take caution when dealing with people with heavy Scorpio energy. Scorpio is a complex sign that can attack, but it’s important to know that just like any sign, Scorpio has its reasons for why it uses that infamous stinger. Continue to read on to learn more about the infamous Scorpio stinger.

Water Signs & Their Defense Systems

It’s important to understand that the Scorpio stinger is for protection, and while Scorpio is singled out for using its stinger, as a deeply sensitive water sign, some form of protection is needed. The water signs of Cancer and Scorpio have protective mechanisms that it uses to keep threats away. Cancer, the crab, has its hard shell and claws and Scorpio has its stinger. Pisces, as the fish, is the only water sign that doesn’t have an obvious defense.

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