Summer Camp Is Coming Back: What You and Your Kids Need to Know

According to the CDC, summer camps are going back to normal by welcoming campers again. Children won’t be require to wear masks and don’t have to practice social distancing at camps were the children and staff are fully vaccinated.

Children have missed out on family gatherings, team sports, and other forms of socializing for the past year. Many parents are glad that camps are opening back up to keep kids from spending hours in front of their screens. Kids are easy to get outside and enjoy sports and fun activities with their friends, and overnight camps offer a change of scenery that children are likely looking forward to after more than a year of sheltering in place. Even though parents are exciting about sending their children to camp this summer, they likely have some concerns that need to be addressed before families can feel at ease about the prospect of summer camp after the pandemic.

Summer Camp Safety Plan for Children

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