Disney unveils a Real Star Wars Lightsaber for Galaxy’s Edge


There is a real lightsaber coming to the world. The flimsy plastic ones with dull lightbulbs are out. Disney is set to unveil a true lightsaber that will up all of our games when it comes to sword fighting.

Disney held a press event promoting its launch for its new Avengers Campus that opens to the public on June 4th. The Chairman of Disney Parks, Josh D’Amaro ended this event with a big surprise. He brought out a brand new, shiny, retractable lightsaber. It wasn’t your everyday plastic stick that lights up. This was the coolest looking replica of a lightsaber. It retracted its blade and looked just like the one in the film. I highly doubt it could burn through an arm or cut a piece of fruit in half even, but it “looked” way too real. The only problem is that no one in attendance was able to get a photo. Everyone had to walk away wondering about this new creation of technology. Was it all a dream?

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