Exploring the Sensual with Venus in Taurus


From April 14-May 8, Venus will transit Taurus. Since Venus is the ruler of Taurus, this transit brings Venus home in many aspects. With this transit, we have the opportunity to explore the more sensual side of our love nature. Taurus is very much connected to the pleasures that can be experienced with the five senses, and for the next four weeks, we all get the chance to sink into the sensual, luxurious, possessive side of our nature.

General Venus in Taurus Energy
To better understand the Venus in Taurus transit, let’s explore the basic energy of Taurus in Venus. When Venus is in the sign of Taurus, it feels deeply at home as Venus is the natural ruler of Taurus. Venus rules all things associated with luxury, beauty, romance, and love. In relation to Taurus, Venus is specifically related to the luxurious, decadent, sensual aspects of Venus while the relationship realm is ruled by the other Venus-ruled sign, Libra.

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