Why Leo is a Child at Heart

Leo is known for its warm-hearted, generous nature, but did you also know that Leo is the sign associated with children? Leo is linked to the fifth house of creativity which includes the creative act of having children. It is no wonder that many Leos make exceptional parents and teachers. Keep reading on to find out more about Leo’s significant connection to children.

Leo & The Inner Child

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to get close to a Leo, you’ll understand that they can be a big kid at times. They really enjoy connecting with people closest to them, and they are the most generous with those within their inner circles. The Leo archetype represents the inner child via creative expression. A perfect example of this is watching children create. Watching children just naturally create is one of the most authentic ways to experience unfiltered self-expression. It is through the growing-up process that we humans learn to suppress our natural creative instincts. However, children don’t know that they can’t do certain things until they’re told that they can’t or shouldn’t.

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