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US Covid-19 Vaccination Rollout Increases as The Need For Disinfectant Decreases

According to Johns Hopkins University data analysis, the number of Americans dying of covid-19 now has reduced. The experts state that the US vaccination targeting vulnerable people has helped curb the death rates. The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) claim that over 3 million vaccinations are administered daily compared to January, which was less than a million. President Joe Biden extended the deadline for all US adults to be entitled to a vaccine. According to Biden, 90% of adults in the US would be eligible for the vaccine by April 19. Together with New York, Maryland also joined in the list of states that will allow anyone above 16 years to sign up for the vaccinations. On Monday, twelve other states joined the lists. According to new research, the Moderna vaccine protections last for about six months. 

Johns Hopkins University data assert that the US has 555,000 cases of deaths and over 30.7 corona cases confirmed. About 207 million doses of vaccine have been distributed in the US.

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