March 13th Brings a New Moon to Manifest and Affirm Your Most Positive Beliefs

ree your mind and the rest will follow

This month’s new moon in Pisces brings a dual purpose. The first invites us to go down the pleasure path, choose intuition over logic, and to celebrate dreamy, glittering experiences. (Think about the sun glittering on the ocean in The Little Mermaid. As above, so is below.) And since yummy Venus and Neptune also meet up on this date, there is so much ooey gooey, lovey dovey vibing going on. Feel yourself!…and maybe your significant other or situationship. (Ahem.)

This is the perfect time to get into your feelings. Take a nap or meditate. Let your mind be free. Above all, nurture your creativity. Whether that means making a playlist to dance (or cry) to or getting out that old craft you started in the first quarantine and never finished, it’s a good time to get a little lost in all things expressive. Just let your intuition guide you — don’t force it.

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