Your Eternal Flame with Vesta

In astrology, offer us additional information that enhances our understanding of ourselves. One of these asteroids is Vesta, who is the goddess of hearth and home. As one of the Goddess asteroids, she represents our eternal flame and our dedication to ourselves. It is the inner spark that lights us up and keeps us going. If you would like to learn more about what keeps you alive and fired up, read more to learn about the asteroid Vesta.

The Story of Vesta

The story of Vesta starts with ancient Rome and the Vestal Virgins. These were the individuals who protected the city of Rome by keeping the sacred fires burning in the name of the Goddess Vesta. They did this by remaining chaste and faithful to themselves. It is believed that the Vestal Virgins were not allowed to engage in sexual intercourse, and if it were found out that they did, they would be buried outside of the gates of Rome. Vestal Virgins were not allowed to be killed because they were believed to be sacred. One of the unique aspects of the Vestal Virgins is that many of them chose to remain unmarried even after completing their service to Rome which further expands on the theme of being whole and dedicated to the self.

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