10 Delicious Non-Dairy Milk Alternative Recipes to Try

Along with the rise in adopting vegan and vegetarian diets has come an increase of milk alternatives. Sometimes referred to as “plant-based milks,” or “mylks,” these non-dairy beverages are free of anything from animals. They have been popping up all over restaurants and grocery stores, and, even if they do not follow dairy-free diets, consumers seem to be taken with the trend, occasionally buying a dairy alternative in place of regular milk.

First, soy milk grew a following, followed by almond, cashew, flavored coconut and now oat milk. We know some money could be saved by making these yourself, so check out the following recipes for milk alternatives, as well as ideas for foods that feature them as a major ingredient. They are great for Veganuary, or any time you want to enjoy tasty food without harming animals. Get inspired today!

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