7 Healthy Casseroles to Warm the Whole Family

With these delicious skinny casseroles, you certainly don't have to feel guilty to end up full and happy come mealtime.

Casseroles are an excellent and often very hearty type of comfort food that most truly enjoy. However, not all casseroles are as healthy as we would like them to be. Enter skinny casseroles. For those interested in all of the enjoyment of a great casserole dish but without all of the extra calories, these skinny casseroles may just be the perfect fit.

Portobello Penne Pasta Casserole

With a calorie count of about 380 per delicious serving, you can get completely full courtesy of this great dish, and without a bunch of guilt. Enjoy a hearty blend of penne pasta, portobello mushrooms, parmesan cheese, and spinach that eats like a much more calorie-filled meal. The secret ingredient that brings it all together and adds that final mouthwatering appeal is soy sauce.

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