Navigating Mercury’s transit through Sagittarius

Mercury, the planet of communication, moves into the freedom-loving, optimistic sign of Sagittarius from December 1st through 20th. Expect communication styles to feature a blunt, honest approach that seeks to share opinions and to be heard. Mercury in Sagittarius will offer some interesting information as it makes contact with both Neptune and the South Node. Follow along for an overview and insights on transiting Mercury in Sagittarius and how to best utilize this energy.

Mercury in Sagittarius Transit Overview
Mercury’s ingress into Sagittarius at the beginning of December ushers in communication styles that are direct, forward, opinionated, and blunt. Sagittarius is known for honest communication that is fueled by a desire for truth. This desire can lead to conversations that take on a philosophical tone with an interest in expanding the mind into higher consciousness. However, as with all energies, there is another side to Mercury in Sagittarius that can come off as the preachy, haughty, know-it-all. Sagittarius also lends itself to exaggerations where stories are embellished for more “wow factor.” As with all transits, balance is necessary in order to maximize the potential of the current energies.

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