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COVID-19 Diagnosis Can Lead to Anxiety, Depression, and Additional Mental Health Conditions

How You Can Mitigate the Risk That COVID-19 Negatively Impacts Your Brain and Mind

COVID-19 can do more than just affect your physical health. New research suggests that individuals who test positive for this deadly virus are also at an increased risk of developing anxiety or certain types of mood disorders after they recover.

Results of the Study: A new study out of the United Kingdom is shedding a little light on how the long-lasting effects of COVID-19 reach far beyond its physical symptoms. Researchers found people who had been diagnosed with COVID-19 had a significant chance of developing a psychiatric disorder after they had recovered from the illness. The study demonstrated that 18% of the patients developed a mental health problem such as anxiety, depression, or dementia within three months of coming down with the virus. This figure represents a number twice that of the general population that has not tested positive.

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