IRS Declares the Time to Receive Stimulus Checks is Running Out

Approximately two weeks are left to get a stimulus check. Registration with the IRS must be completed within this time to ensure receipt of a federal relief payment. Adults with low incomes and college students are believed to be among those who qualify for a check but have not yet received one. The Internal Revenue Service is planning on contacting individuals potentially eligible for a stimulus check on November 10th.

Potential recipients will be informed quick action is required to ensure the November 21st deadline for registration is met. Stimulus checks were authorized by the CARES Act in March. Eligible individuals receive a check for $1,200, a maximum of $2,400 for married couples and $500 for every dependent below the age of 17. The tax agency urged approximately nine million individuals to register using the Non-Filers tool to help ensure qualification for a stimulus check.

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