What In The Small World Is Going On At Disneyworld?

DisneyWorld is easily one of the most popular tourist attractions for families in the world. Since its inception in 1971, millions of people have flocked through its gates in anticipation of magic moments, precious memories, and fantastic stories to tell. With all of the magical and memorable experiences that have taken place here, there are bound to be a few unsavory stories that would cause you to reconsider spending time there. What changes are taking place at the Magic Kingdom right now that are causing disgruntled guests? Read on to see what monkey business is afoot at Disneyworld.

Virtual Navigation: The Gold Standard For Seeing The Parks

These days, navigation of the parks is almost impossible without some kind of smart device. The Disney MagicBand has visitors breezing through their vacations with few worries and convenient access to all itinerary experiences. With a third version of the Band now rolling out called the MagicBand+, several new interactive features promised an even better experience for families. Unfortunately, that’s not the way things went down in Disney.

Too Many Options

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