Our Best Fall Soups for Chilly Autumn Nights

Fall is the perfect time for soup. A cup of steaming hot broth adds life and color. Soup is also portable and easy to make for a large crowd. You can make lots of different types of soup in advance. Freeze the rest for a quick meal after a football game or when you just want something to sip. These fall soups are made for the season you love so much.

Chicken Based Soups

Chicken is one of those staples everyone has on hand. This protein add a base from which you can make many different types of soups. Chicken also has the advantage of offering a flavor base that marries well with other ingredients. Use it for a soup that is all about the elemental power of chicken like this bone broth. This is a great option when you have some time and want to devote it to making your entire house smell good. The aroma is a nice thing to come home to after a walk in the park to admire leaves.

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