2020 Procedural Vote Scheduled for Coronavirus Relief Bill

Senate Will Address Covid-19 Relief Bill Next Monday

As the leader of the Senate majority, Mitch McConnell made a statement on Tuesday. He said a procedural vote has been scheduled for a GOP relief bill next week. Relief from the COVID-19 pandemic is necessary to help the businesses significantly impacted by the current economy. According to the Democrats, the bill does not offer enough aid to help Americans and businesses recover from the pandemic. The Senate is returning to the chamber on Monday. The first order of business is a procedural vote for the bill.

A bill drafted by the GOP was filibustered by Democrats last month. Despite talks of a better deal between Nancy Pelosi the House Speaker and Steven Mnuchin the Treasury Secretary, everything fell apart over the weekend. The belief is this is most likely permanent. In a statement made by Mitch McConnel during the presidential race, he claimed months have been wasted by Democrats blocking policies not opposed. He stated the Democrats refuse to settle for anything less than a multi-trillion-dollar deal.

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