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MIS-C Like-Illness Has Now Been Identified in Adults By the CDC

CDC Says That MIS-A, Which is a New Covid-19 Syndrome, Is a Cause for Concern

The CDC has stated that more adults are suffering from an illness that is similar to the Covid 19-like syndrome in children. The condition is known as multisystem inflammation syndrome in adults, or MIS-A. It is similar to MIS-C, which stands for multisystem inflammation syndrome in children. Experts have stated that it is not linked to the coronavirus. Many people who have this condition do not show any Covid 19 symptoms.

Racial Disparities Exist

African Americans and Hispanics have disproportionately been affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. Experts have also found that MISC-A disproportionately affects minorities. There have been at least three deaths linked to MISC-A. Seventy percent of the children who are affected by MIS-C are black or Hispanic.

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