How COVID-19 Will Affect Holiday Travel Plans And Family Gatherings

COVID-19 Holiday Travel


Traveling during the holidays will look a lot different this year. COVID-19 will cause travelers to have to take more precautions, and they may not be able to take part in all of the holiday traditions that they have in the past. For those that still plan on traveling for the holidays, here’s what holiday travel will look like this year.

Shorter Lines At The Airports
Travelers will be able to enjoy shorter lines at the airports. With less people traveling, they won’t have to wait hours to get through security checkpoints. However, that doesn’t mean that they should wait until the last minute to get to the airport. There will be enhanced sanitation protocols, and this may cause some delays. Airports have added hand sanitizer stations, and passengers will be encouraged to use them often. Passengers also need to keep in mind that a lot of restaurants in airports have temporarily been closed. They may have less options as to what’s available to eat or drink while they are waiting for their flight to depart.

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