Google is Tweaking its Search Results Ahead of the 2020 Election


Google has been synonymous for online search for many years now. Many already know that the company has already had its fair share of trouble for its automatic search phrases. Some of these automatic search phrases might be amusing, but some have led users to search for things like fake news. The reason for this is because Google’s search results revolve around what other people have also searched for on the popular engine. This has led the tech giant to a move towards trying to avoid any controversy about the way autocomplete works during the upcoming Presidential election.

Google is specifically trying to eliminate what is noted as “election related predictions” because it does not want to be seen as biased towards one party or another. The company’s policy regarding this is quite succinct, stating, “We don’t allow predictions that could be interpreted as a position for or against any candidate or political party, nor which could be interpreted as claims about the participation in or integrity of the electoral process.”

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