Google Releases New Kid-Friendly Features to Kick Off New School Year


Many streaming services have already created profiles for kids to use, and now Google has entered the foray with one that is built for its various devices. This comes after many parents have asked for a service like this so that their kids can use technology in a positive manner. The new mode is known as the “Google Kids Space”, and will appear on Android tablets and select phones soon. Eventually, the tech giant plans to include the Google Kids Space on additional devices as well. This new mode will give kids an easy place to consume videos, read books, and use apps on its platforms.

The official website for the new product maintains that it is “designed with kids’ curiosity in mind” while it provides youngsters an “experience with content to help kids discover, create, and grow.” This new space is meant for kids younger than nine years of age, and will included personalized content from each child who uses it. Google has also asserted that there will be no targeted ads from this initiative aimed at these young users.

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