Some fliers get permanent reprieve from $200 change fee on United, Delta, American US flights

United Airlines suddenly decided to start permanently waiving their $200 fee to change your plane ticket, which was pretty startling. Then Delta and American just…followed along. (Which, historically, is actually not that surprising.) Any time an airline voluntarily gives up a source of revenue, it’s big news, and rightfully so. When United announced that it was going to permanently do away with the $200 fee that it charged you whenever you wanted to change your flight, it was quite a bit of a shock. While the fee isn’t currently being charged, due to the pandemic, it never occurred to anyone that the change would become permanent.

Airlines originally dropped the fee at the beginning of the pandemic because passengers were being stranded in airports through no fault of their own. Flights were being cancelled, airports were being closed. Air travel almost came to a complete standstill for a few months in a row.

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