The Illegal Fireworks Conspiracy Theory


2020 will surely go down as one of the strangest years on record, but even for such a strange year the rise in illegal firework activity now seems strange. From New York to Greensboro, North Carolina, and across the nation to Los Angeles, illegal fireworks are causing problems for sleep-deprived residents and police responding to calls of shots being fired in different neighborhoods. The theories about why this illegal firework activity has arrived so quickly and spread across the nation.

There are many theories being posted online and throughout neighborhoods across the nation where each family has stories of the rise of the illegal firework issues moving through their city. The most popular theory regarding the firework issue is that there are millions of teens and young people around the U.S. who have become bored over the course of the prolonged COVID-19 lockdown. Reading the many news reports linked to the issue shows the different opinions and ideas that are coming out of most areas, including the idea young people are letting off steam.

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