Capricorns: The Astrological Goat Trapped in its own Pen


An Earth sign without gimmick or frivolity, Capricorn is the straightedge, in-the-box sign among the Zodiac. True to its Taskmaster planet Saturn governance, the horned goat sticks to the path, ignoring the alluring smell of nearby roses. But what about their astrological arrangement makes them so frankly boring? And what can the suddenly panicking Capricorn reading this do about it? Let’s see what clarity we can uncover as we dive deep into the makings of a Capricorn.

Basic Truths: The Boundaries to the Goat’s Gate
If a quote could describe these hard-working, severely self-disciplined individuals it would be: For the system, by the system. No other Zodiac sits as well within the system, as do Capricorns. Maybe that’s why so many other Zodiacs find them to be a bit too inside the box. For sure, Capricorns read the Terms of Agreement. Or at least they wrote them.

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