Animal Crossing Hackers are Selling Impossible ‘Star Fragment Trees’

With the gaming market featuring one of the best quarters on record, specific titles have driven the call from market directives. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of the game modes built-in to the Animal Crossing system. Nintendo is the operating source behind the sensation, calling massive numbers of social media following and digital, marketplace dominance. Features of in-game play are the main attractant for hackers and Discords. Developers can work within the created content, building new add-ons to existing content. This sensation is sweeping the Twitter stratosphere as developers look to sell this content on the black market. There is some risk involving participation in these hacked creations, but players are riding the wave until it collapses.

Obtaining Fragment Items

If you are looking to secure some of these additions for your console and gaming cartridge, look no further than social media. When searching ‘New Horizons’ on social media engines, the result is a long list of documented sources that detail tips and tricks for the game. Embedded within these outlets is the development of hacks for gameplay. People are working their coding hands to develop content that can be displayed within your game. Among the most popular creations, star fragment trees remain atop the wish-list for prospective players. The addition of life stars and life fruit to the trees within the game creates a luminescent style and design that lights up all pathways. The visual appeal is what is drawing players to these content extensions.

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