Wrapping Up the North Node in Cancer Transit


From November 2018 to May 2020, the North Node transits through the nurturing, home-loving sign of Cancer. The lunar nodes are not planets but rather points that mark the crossing of the moon’s orbit with the ecliptic path which is the sun’s path around the Earth. There are two points which include the north node and the south node. The north represents the soul’s path forward whereas the south node represents past life experiences as well as traits and characteristics that hold us back from moving forward. The north node transits through each sign for about a year and a half.

The North Node in Cancer Transit
Since the north node represents the soul’s path forward, it is important to consciously integrate the insights this transit provides. Currently, we are nearing the end of the Cancer North Node transit. Ruled by the moon, the Cancer North node calls for us to consider topics related to women, motherhood, home, and nurturing. It is a time where acknowledging emotions is encouraged. Oftentimes when people think of Cancer energy they envision being loved by mom, a welcoming home, home-cooked meals, and even a shoulder to cry on if needed. There is a sense of caring and security that Cancer-ruled individuals are known for possessing.
However, as with all energy, there is another side to Cancer. Harsh aspects from planets such as Mars or Saturn to Cancer moon energy can create issues such as abandonment, feeling unloved and neglected, an inability to process emotions, and emotional manipulation. When someone with Cancer energy feels threatened, they are likely to either crawl in their shell for protection or strike out in defense.
The Cancer North Node transit calls for people as a collective to consider how the Cancerian themes of home, mother, security, and nurturing play out in our lives. For those who were born with the North Node in Cancer, this is an especially important time as these individuals are experiencing their nodal return which is a pivotal time of learning to embrace and integrate Cancer attributes to achieve soul progression.

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