Vitamins that Help Mitigate Aging


Aging is a complex process that happens in many ways in the body. For a long time, the side effects of growing older were viewed as inevitable. Bone density loss, unintentional weight loss, dementia and intestinal issues were all seen as par for the course. Today, science is starting to better understand how vitamins can impact and be impacted by aging. For example, the role of gut flora and probiotics in the body is being better understood everyday. The absorption of nutrients like vitamins and minerals can impact overall fitness for aging adults. Understanding how to get enough of these substances can really improve older adults’ quality of life.

One of the most important supplements people can take as they age is calcium. Everyone knows that calcium is associated with bones. Older adults, particularly women, start to lose calcium at an accelerated rate. They’re no longer absorbing enough to replace it. As the bones become weaker, they’re also more prone to fractures. This condition is known as osteoporosis. Calcium is also crucial for the proper functioning of the muscles, nerve cells and cardiovascular system. Good dietary sources of this mineral include leafy greens, cheese, yogurt and tofu. Supplements like calcium citrate are also readily available and easily absorbed. Sometimes calcium is also combined with magnesium and zinc in supplements.

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