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Best Virtual Travel Experiences to Enjoy During Covid-19 Quarantine


Physical travel is currently impossible due to coronavirus pandemic. One of the most effective measures put in place to curb covid-19 is social distancing. Staying at home is, therefore, paramount. This travel restriction has also seen many parks and other previously tourist-flooded spots all around the world shut their doors due to the uncertainty involved. Such places that encourage crowds of people are being restricted in a bid to maintain social distance. But thanks to virtual tours, anyone with an internet connection can tour just around any part of the world and experience virtual escapism. In these tough times, technology comes in handy because it offers educational and recreational activities to help complement our daily routines in quarantine.

Virtual tours are enabled by the display of a digitized representation of actual destinations and artifacts. While these representations may not necessarily harbor all the qualities and unique details of the actual places, they offer an excellent opportunity to visit from the comfort of our coaches. Institutional museums sponsor most of the virtual tours. Most artifacts and pieces are just a simulation of the actual items in the actual institutions. As many of us are forced by the pandemic to work from home, instead of binging on the content on Netflix, we may as well take tours to our dream historic sites and destinations. Here is a list of ten tourist attractions sites that can be toured virtually, in the comfort of our homes.

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