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IRS Stimulus Check: When and How You Can Track Your COVID-19 Relief Payment

The IRS has announced its plan to launch a tracking service that will be positioned for access on the 17th of April. This tracking process, placed by the government, will allow people to track the arrival of their checks. The format of this service is set to take application stores, creating models that will hoist mobile support, laptop access, and other forms of connections. The tool is being titled ‘Get My Payment’ and it will back the revenue service plan to detail when your check will hit your bank account. If your family filed their tax returns via direct deposit but opted for a pre-paid credit card as the payment format, the tracking service will adapt to showcase when your check will hit the mailbox.

COVID-19 stimulus checks are already being processed by the revenue service. Over 50 million payments were processed on Saturday of last week, marking the beginning of roll-out to personal accounts. The money will hit your account by the 15th of April if you have filed your tax return in either 2018 or 2019. The amount you will receive will be reflected on your latest tax return claim, so if you haven’t filed since 2018, the data will be driven from this year of income. Most banks have already been forwarded to the list of eligible participants that will be receiving their payments on the 15th, so check with your local bank account to see if the amount shows as pending. This is an alternative tracking measure that has been forwarded throughout banking systems across the nation.

Tracking Paper Payments

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  1. I draw social security but I filled income tax with my husband. Do I get a personal check having social security or will my part be included in my husband stimulus check.

    1. You will get 1200 plus he will 1200 so that’s 2400 total you will get. If you have a child under. 16 the that be 500 add on. I myself am getting ssd and my wife working plus we have a son that’s under 16 we got 2400 dollar.

    2. I know right, I get SSDI, it’s May 12, and I still have not gotten my stimulus check, they have all my info, and direct deposit, but still nothing, and I’m still not able to access any info. And I can’t get any answers. Where is my life line? Some one help me please!

    3. I did not receive my stimulus check but my husband received his and we filled taxes together in 2019.

      1. There is only one check if you filed jointly. If you had less than $150 k joint income you would receive $2400 deposited to the bank account on your joint tax return.

  2. I am 61 years old I am on social security disability they have all my information I still haven’t got my Culver’s check so how long do I have to wait for it I’m just curious it’s hard for me to get around there’s no phone numbers I can call can somebody please help me out

  3. We noticed yesterday that our check was deposited in an account we do not know who’s it is . It is not ours. Please get back to us so we can correct it

    1. Contact your nearest bank for information on the check. You should also check for scammers which they may have access your bank information.

  4. Hi I put my information to my card that i got my direct deposit for my taxes is that ok to get my stimulus payment

  5. Good greetings to everyone! I was wondering will I be receiving a stimulus check? The last time I have filed my income tax was in 2017. And now I don’t receive any type of income. How do I go about receiving a stimulus check, and what can I do? I’m in need of funds!

  6. I received my check but my 2 grandkids were not included on the payment.I submitted my. non-filers with the irs on 4/18/20.What should i do to get the 500 per child slated on the simulus package?

  7. I sent the required info before the deadline & still havent heard anything.Im on ssdi & have direct deposit.Thanks for your time & God Bless!

  8. My husband and I are on s.s. We both have direct deposit. I draw under my husband’s s.s. I got mine but he did not. How do I find out where his is or why I got but he didn’t. Help!!!

  9. I was wondering if my if my husband can get the 500 credit for my daughter on his stimulus even though I carried her on my taxes this year i haven’t filed taxes in 4 years this is my first time in 4yrs i do receive social security benefits for her so how do I go by getting my stimulus money cause I haven’t received any money yet for my taxes or stimulus money whats going on with the stimulus payments?

  10. Who ever is on SSI my roommate got hers in may 13th n I am on SSI n she is my repayee n she still Hasnt got mine but mine should be mailing it out on June 1st or I will get it then idk but hopefully I get mine soon to need my life line to need a bed so bad

  11. I got letter, but no check! File my taxes of this year.went to my old my tax return back at new address! I filed paper check. What mess, help!! I need funds now! Help!!!

  12. I’m still waiting for my 1st Stimulus check and now they are giving a 2nd one too.
    I loss my husband to lung cancer March 26 of 2019. And income is not good but if I would get the Stimulus the 1st and 2nd it would help me. So @ this point and has been since 2012 I have been trying to get Social Security Disability & I keep getting denied.

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